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Director/Writer: Katie Dwyer
Photographer/Co-Director: Gregory Nolan

Another Look provides empowering photography and engaging written content for community organizations and nonprofits.

For most nonprofits, we offer our services for free. For groups with the means, we offer extremely low-cost, sliding scale rates. 

We provide the high-quailty images and storytelling that nonprofits need to advocate for their work, all the while connecting with the clients themselves. 

We tell the stories of the groups holding our communities together: the people who provide emergency housing, education, food, job skills classes, after school projects, services for students with disabilities, English language classes, elder care, and more. In the process, we capture our neighbors' stories as well--refugee families struggling to educate their children, homeless individuals trying to eat nutritious food, and individuals reentering the community after serving time in prison. 

A high-quality photo can evoke a powerful story. A well-told narrative can make the difference in a fundraising or volunteer recruitment campaign. Another Look provides these essential services. 

Photo taken at   DenUM  , a food bank and service provider in Denver, Colorado.


Nonprofits and their supporters, volunteers, funders, and constituents

The people who come to our website for a snapshot of the work being done in our communities

The Nonprofit clients and participants we work with


Gregory Nolan, Another Look Photographer

Photographer Gregory Nolan is from Dublin, Ireland. Spending time in the US has led to an increasing interest in learning more about social issues and the actions people take to try to make positive change. He has been a professional photographer for over ten years, and brings a long career dedicated to capturing images of people at their most honest, most human moments. 

Katie Dwyer, Writer and Director for Another Look

Katie Dwyer is a writer, teacher, and project manager living in Portland, Oregon. Originally from Colorado, she began volunteering with a food bank in high school, and developed a strong interest in projects that address both the immediate needs of at-risk individuals and the broader questions of social justice. She has been deeply involved in prison education programs and immigration rights projects for almost a decade. She is also fortunate to have a community  that is engaged with an enormous breadth of issues and community organization initiatives, and who have helped inspire her work.