DenUM (Part 2)

DenUM was one of our first projects as Another Look—we visited in the summer of 2015 to take photos and interview clients at this great organization in downtown Denver, which caters to homeless and low-income individuals and families. They provide multiple services, from offering diapers and essential food items to providing utility assistance and job services like resume writing and computer access.

For 35 years, DenUM has worked to fill a gap in services and provide quality, compassionate support for individuals in need. 

Our day at DenUM

DenUM - Another Look Photography

The folks at DenUM asked us to come back for another batch of photos and quick interviews with the clients accessing their services. On our first visit, they didn’t quite know what to expect from us. For this trip, they reached out to their community to let them know we were coming and invite greater participation. 

DenUM strives to always celebrate the dignity of the individual, particularly those who are struggling with financial difficulties and are therefore frequently denied dignity. As Another Look, we strive to always celebrate the humanity and power of individuals, and to be sure that shines in the photography and writing.

We found powerful examples of human connection and strength at DenUM.

Clients told us stories of how they found DenUM. Some were longtime clients, returning regularly to offset food stamps and relying on the service to get them through hard times. One woman frequently stops by to use the computers and to work on her resume and job applications. Many other clients had recently discovered DenUM and were hoping to use it through a temporary rough patch before finding their way to better employment and economic stability.

We spent time with each person, taking portraits and often sharing a laugh.

We also provided staff portraits, which proved equally hilarious and energizing.

A favorite moment was seeing staff interact with families, and the way families were clearly so proud and loving toward their kids. We even witnessed a little boy have his first ‘bite’ of an apple, with a little help getting started.

It was an honor to be invited back to DenUM, and we hope we might cross paths in Denver again. 

DenUM - Another Look nonprofit photography