At DenUM, a food bank and service provider in Denver, Colorado. 

The big picture is simple: we come to your Nonprofit, take candid photos and portraits, interview your clients, staff, and volunteers and then send those stories and images to you for your organization’s use.

It’s that simple. 

How does this help? 

Powerful images and engaging narratives can make all the difference in communicating a nonprofit’s mission, in recruiting volunteers, soliciting funds, and in spreading the word.

Our photos and stories have been used on organizations' websites, social media, newsletters, slides in public presentations, in TV interviews, and as poster-sized prints. One organization used our photos as part of a fund-raising campaign with a target of $40,000. They raised a total of $70,000. 

We work with direct service providers. We are based in Portland, Oregon, but want to hear from you wherever you are—we have traveled in the past and hope to in the future.


We Don't Usually Photograph 

  • Award events, presentations, or dinners
  • Performing arts (unless it has a strong social justice/service mission, such as Theater for the Blind)
  • Staff-only portraits 

Our Favorite Things to Photograph:

  • Candid interactions
  • Scenes from the normal day-to-day nonprofit activities 
  • Empowering portraits of clients, volunteers, and staff 


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At the Reentry Transition Center's office, with writer Katie Dwyer. 

Leaving the library on a field trip with the Ventura Park Elementary Summer Reading Program